Welcome to the UK Web Design Org official blog!

March 16, 2010

The UK Web Design Org has been created to undertake the much needed task of encouraging, educating and promoting web standards (in particular W3C) throughout the United Kingdom.

Adhering to web standards is an important factor when creating websites therefore designers and developers should be, at the very least, coding to W3C standards.  Creating semantically correct code demonstrates that designers and developers have taken care to produce quality interoperable web pages. We feel strongly that those individuals and businesses should be rewarded with the exposure and the accreditation that they deserve.

At this early stage in our development we would particularly like to hear from:

  • Web accessibility experts
  • Lawyers specialising in Internet Law
  • PR specialists (online and printed media)
  • Potential contributors
  • Developers
  • Students (with an interest in web design / development)
  • Companies and individuals interested in membership /  accreditation

The quickest way to contact us in the first instance is via email:  info@ukwebdesign.org